The Power of ‘Get To’ Over ‘Have To’

Life only seems to get busier – no matter how hard we try to slow things down. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of viewing tasks and responsibilities as burdens, things we ‘have to’ do. This mindset, often a default setting, can make our days feel heavy and obligatory.

But what if we could shift this perspective? What if, instead of ‘I have to’, we started saying ‘I get to’? This simple linguistic flip can transform our approach to everyday life, infusing it with gratitude and positivity.

The ‘get to’ philosophy is rooted in gratitude. It’s about seeing the tasks, challenges, and even the mundane aspects of our lives as opportunities or privileges.

For instance, consider the phrase, ‘I have to go to work.’ Now, reframe it as, ‘I get to go to work.’ The latter implies gratitude for employment, for the ability to contribute skills, and for the daily experiences that work brings. This mindset doesn’t just add a positive spin to our tasks; it fundamentally alters our relationship with everyday life, highlighting the privileges we often take for granted.

Traditions, whether they are cultural, familial, or personal, are a splendid canvas for the ‘get to’ mindset. Let’s take holiday traditions, for example. The preparation for these events can sometimes feel overwhelming — a list of things we ‘have to’ do. But if we shift our perspective to ‘get to,’ we start to appreciate these moments differently. We ‘get to’ prepare a family meal, a chance to nurture and bond. We ‘get to’ decorate our homes, an opportunity to create beauty and share joy.

Even in the realm of financial planning, the ‘get to’ mindset can be revolutionary. Instead of viewing budgeting as a restrictive chore, we can see it as gaining control and clarity over our finances. It’s not ‘I have to save for retirement,’ but ‘I get to secure my future.’ This mindset makes the journey towards financial goals less about deprivation and more about empowerment and future possibilities.

And, there’s a ripple effect in thinking this way…

Adopting the ‘get to’ mindset can have a profound ripple effect on our well-being. It fosters an attitude of thankfulness and abundance, linked to better mental health, more satisfying relationships, and a greater sense of fulfilment. This perspective encourages us to find joy in the ordinary, to cherish the small moments, and to approach life with a renewed sense of purpose.

As we navigate through our daily lives, let’s challenge ourselves to reframe our thoughts. Each ‘get to’ is an invitation to acknowledge and celebrate the many blessings we often overlook. By embracing this mindset, we’re not just changing how we speak; we’re transforming how we think, feel, and interact with the world. Let’s turn every ‘have to’ into a ‘get to,’ and watch as our lives unfold with a renewed sense of gratitude and joy.

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