It’s important to check in

In the realm of financial planning, we often focus on numbers, strategies, and future projections. Yet, a recent conversation shared on twitter underscores a different, but equally vital aspect of our work: the importance of simply being there and listening.

A financial planner recounted an experience with a retired client. It had been months since their last conversation, and a brief note about a transaction led the client to call, seeking clarity. This call unveiled a heart-wrenching reality: in just two months, the client had lost nine family members and close friends. The weight of such loss had understandably plunged him into a dark place. During their conversation, it became clear that financial advice was not the primary need; it was empathy, understanding, and human connection.

This story resonates beyond the professional confines of financial planning. It serves as a poignant reminder, especially during holiday seasons or special celebrations, of the profound need to check in with those around us. Holidays, often depicted as times of joy and togetherness, can also be periods of profound loneliness and grief for many.

The act of checking in, whether as a professional, friend, family member, or even a neighbour, is more than a courtesy; it’s a lifeline. It’s a moment to step away from our busy schedules and the incessant scrolling on our phones, to offer a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on. This simple act can be a beacon of light in someone’s life, offering a sense of solidarity and understanding that might be desperately needed.

When we’re entering a festive season, let’s remember that sometimes the most precious gift we can offer is our time and attention. It’s about fostering a culture of care and support, where we regularly reach out to those in our circle. Whether it’s a quick call, a heartfelt note, or a surprise visit, these acts of kindness can make a world of difference.

As we navigate the complexities of life and the intricacies of financial planning, let’s not forget the power of human connection. In a world that often feels disconnected, our efforts to check in and be present for others can forge deeper bonds and create a sense of community that’s invaluable, not just during the holidays but all year round.

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