When the goalposts keep moving

“The only way to find permanent joy is by embracing the fact that nothing is permanent.” – Martha Beck.

Over the last few decades, investment strategies have developed and evolved to move away from market-related benchmarks toward personal goals and outcomes. Modern investors are now creating plans that are more personalised and unique than ever before. The marketplace is innovating to provide models, funds and alternatives to whet even the most exclusive investment appetites.

However, even though we’ve tailored the investment goalposts to our individualised needs and expectations, external factors still play a role in how we plan and anticipate the future and the goalposts keep moving.

As a world-renowned author and life coach, Martha Beck reminds us that we need to become comfortable with constant impermanence. And whilst this can seem like an easy concept to embrace, when we see our investments drop or something happens to upset our plans, we can allow it to rob us of our joy.

We might be on a promotional track at work, attending training and putting in extra hours of study and upskilling, only to have our dreams crushed when our company can no longer stay afloat. External factors, beyond our control, will always impact where the goalposts are placed.

Most of us accept that life is not about ticking off milestones, but because our schools, companies, religious institutions and governments hold onto these models of conditioning and measurement, it’s hardwired into us to create expectations and anticipate them to be permanent.

Every day we need to embrace that nothing is permanent and that our joy in life is about so much more than a timeline playing out according to a plan. Life coaching is all about creating and promoting well-being to attain greater fulfilment through improving relationships, careers, and our day-to-day lives. The first relationship is the one we have with ourselves, and this is where we begin to find a robust and powerful joy.

It’s also found at the heart of a financial plan centred on us and not on markets or benchmarks set by others. This resilience that we are seeing is increasingly essential to succeed and persevere in our current social, political and economic environment. When the goalposts keep moving, we need to become as centred and grounded as possible so as not to be disillusioned and unsettled when we embrace that nothing is permanent.

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