Characteristics of a Canny Investor – Part 1

By making the most of your income and implementing some savvy financial thinking even an ordinary salary earner can grow an impressive portfolio of assets. Investment success is primarily due to behaviour – not luck. As you will probably know, one of the mature investment perspectives reminds us that it’s not so much about timing the markets as much as it’s about time in the markets.

Let’s look at some of the behavioural traits of a shrewd investor:

They don’t worry about keeping up appearances
Wealth is what is left after you have expended your income. There is no point in seeing yourself as a smart investor if you don’t leave yourself anything to invest with at the end of every month. If you worry what people will think about the car you drive or the house you live in perhaps you need to rethink your priorities.

They clearly define their investment objectives
Investment is not a one-trick pony; investments need to be sorted according to objective and managed accordingly. We all have different goals with different time horizons, but smart investors know that different timelines mean different asset allocations and tax implications.

They know the difference between a trend and a classic
We are all driven by either fear or greed to some proportion. If you are chasing better returns on a hot tip or folding out of fearsome unknowns, and find yourself making numerous fund switches in the year, you may need to take a step back and decide which of these factors are driving your investment decisions.

Is your portfolio diverse enough to ward off your fears and focused enough to reach your investment objectives on time? If not, let’s take a look and get you on the right track.


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